Ambient Tapes 1994

by age2.1

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In parallel to my cracking/demoscene and EBM Efforts, i had a strong wish to create something more atmospheric and art-related. These are my very first 2 live recordings, which ultimately lead to the manifestation of my aGe2.1 alter ego.
ASSIGH AGE's CHILDHOOD was recorded during a sweet summer morning and features the voices of my kid sister and brother, playing outside in the garden. During recording i had a microphone placed by the window.
ASSIGH AGE's MINDWORLD SUNRISE was recorded whilst somebody was sleeping in my room. It was done in the purpose to support sleep.
ASSIGH AGE was the original name of the project (derived from SIH, my initials), which would eventually be changed to aGe2.1 when i switched the style to something technoish.


released December 31, 1994

recorded at E-GRODEN | Artwork by BCAD/514A+D | Gear: Amiga 500, Guitar, Tape Recorder, Unknown Hifi-Multi-Effect.



all rights reserved

about Karlstein Am Main, Germany was formed in 1998 as production roof for projects such as Wertstahl, aGe2.1, psAux, Das Neue Universum, Bauernlycht, Fettpumpe, Horst Offenstrom, SoundZero and more, replacing Pilzfeld Records (1992-1998).

It is run by Sebastian I. Hartmann (also aka Wertstahl) who produced acts like Tyske Ludder and Fleischdolls.

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