Pro Offenstrom [2010 Reissue]

by Horst Offenstrom

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The Album contains German, English and Spanish language.


I was so sick and tired of waiting for label executives to taking the time to writing me another "well, nice album, but we´re currently not interested in new acts." negative reply that took this step. I have so much stuff to be released, its getting older and older - and i simply don´t want to wait anymore.

My belief is: do not wait for the system. The game is over anyways, sooner or later, the media industry we know, will collapse. If you want to start NOW, make a move on your own. For instance, sell your album online or give it away piece by piece, accepting friendly donations.

I put alot of effort into this album and i can´t stand any further minute that it remains on my harddisk - unheard.

Enjoy the album.
Don´t take fine natural drugs while listening to this album, they're probably unhealthy.
(Pointing finger pulls lower left eyelid)

Credits will just do fine:

Special thanks go to Rachel Haywire for making a teenage dream come true. Your motherly voice when reading of the Wasteland §84 makes me shiver in warmth every time i listen to it.

Special thanks also go to Alba for taking the time to translating a part of Kurt Vonnegut´s "The Sirens of Titan" to spanish. And thank you for dealing with my bro for the recording!

Special thanks go to gaU, my little piggy piggy. And deDokter. Boy!

Special thanks to kNort for the recording of the equipment. (I worked there as a photoshop operator for the lies of Nivea for 7 yrs.)

Special thanks to Olaf - you lit this fire. (And actually pissed into it, later, so let me officially revoke the thanks here, publicly.)

Super Special thanks to MaxSensei . You made me. Good idea.

best regards
Horst Offenstrom
october 8th 2011

This album was previously CC. It is not, anymore.


released September 9, 2010

All tracks written and produced by
hoRst Offenstrom. Reissue versions
remixed, remastered 2010 at (bavArIA) [from the original project files]

Cover Art --kotel-- by Max hARTmann.

please be very careful with picking mushrooms from the forest. uNderinformedness and lack of experience can REsult in sufferiNg a very slow and extrEmely painful dEath.



all rights reserved

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It is run by Sebastian I. Hartmann (also aka Wertstahl) who produced acts like Tyske Ludder and Fleischdolls.

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