Self Love Pain (1991 - 1995 Pt​.​1)

by CombatlinkK

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Hi there!

I know it seems quite unusual but, i thought to myself, in these modern times, where downloading virtual stuff from the internet is the visual artwork and written text are detached from the musical works which they once were meant to accompain.

And because my works are not too easy to understand, without a little note, well, thats why i decided to make the first track a brief speech.

For those who made it until this point, let me tell you: it is simple. I was 16 years old. Sixteen, on the countryside, in a family of teachers is quite a bit very much different from living in the city and just serving duty.

When I turned the lights off, i saw monsters everywhere, even when i closed my eyes. And be sure - i did not come across any kind of drug until i was an adult [note: except for the codeine emergency cough medication i required, once in a while].

In 1988 by a luck incident, i came across the Amiga. Which, if the Oktalyzer program was run on it, was able to provide 8 voices (channels) in fixed stereo panning, 4 left, 4 right each. These 8 voices could replay 8 Bit 22 kHz samples of 3 seconds maximum lenght at normal pitch [note: actually, thats just a protracker restriction].

Nowadays, thats nothing. For me, it was just the most beautiful tool of creation imagineable. From age 16 to 22 i wrote about 400 tracks of 3 to 6 minute lenght.

On this CD [note: album], i decided, you can hear the very earliest of my works. Created in dark nightmareish and sweating nights [note: anxiety neurosis!]. Some of them, i composed when i was all sick and had strong fever [note: i actually did chose states like that for creative purposes. - like some kind of natural drug, before i even knew drugs.], some of them, when i had too little sleep for weeks, because of school and excessive nights of assembler coding.

All this in the total absence of multi, media, city, rush or noise. For some of you surely a paradise in nowadays stress-bearing world. For me, it was a psychotic horror. Far away from society. And now, as i am near the 30s, it is still not possible [for me] to fully understand [all of] this.

Thank you for listening,
enjoy at will.

--- . ----

All tracks created with Oktalyzer on Amiga 500. Rerecorded from the original .okt files in 2004 @battlecommand HH Erika
Written 1991 - 1995 by CombatlinkK


released November 1, 2004

(c) 1991-1995,2004,2016



all rights reserved

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It is run by Sebastian I. Hartmann (also aka Wertstahl) who produced acts like Tyske Ludder and Fleischdolls.

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