Travel Beyond The Bow Shock

by Wertstahl

Von Vorne 04:37
Come With Us 04:26
Loading 04:21
Boarding 03:40
Get Out 05:09
Nebulae 03:13


Travel Beyond The Bow Shock is the third and final album by Wertstahl in the known band concept. After this, WS will revert back to its initial state, which was based more on collaboration work. deDokter and W.A.Mossad have created a brilliant finale to the legacy WS series, pushing the interim classical band concept to its maximum while remaining truthful and compliant to the original idea.

Travel Beyond The Bow Shock strongly underlines the desire of the producers to getting away from usual concepts that aim at emotional common (mainstream) denominators. Although the album itself is way less theatrically fragmented than the EP, which very intensely thematizes a departure process in the accustical way, still there will be the well known abrupt changes and fractured arcs of suspension, as well as techno and trance-influenced meditative ranges, often criticised as seeming unintended. As an unmistakeable precursor of what is to expect from future WS works, the tone of the album is distinctly less harsh and less " industrial-style " than ever before.


released October 10, 2010

Written and produced by Wertstahl
(c) 2010
Wertstahl is a product.

Co-producer – Sascha Sippel (tracks: 3,4,5,9)
Engineer – Sebastian I. Hartmann (tracks: all)
Producer – Sebastian I. Hartmann (tracks: all)
Programmed By – Sascha Sippel (tracks: all), Sebastian I. Hartmann (tracks: all)
Vocals – Sascha Sippel (tracks: 3,5,9), Sebastian I. Hartmann (tracks: 1,2,4,6,7,8,10)


all rights reserved


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